Archicad gets built-in parametric object design tool

PARAM-O is designed to make it easy for architects to create parametric libraries without having to write any code

Architects can now create building component libraries parametrically inside Graphisoft Archicad 24 without having to write a single line of GDL code or script.

With PARAM-O, a new parametric object design tool built into the BIM software, users can create custom objects and building elements using an ‘easy-to-use’ graphical interface developed with the architect in mind.

First introduced as a technology preview on Windows in July 2020 for Archicad 24, the latest update makes PARAM-O available for users on macOS as well.

Archicad 24 – PARAM-O

According to Graphisoft, large architectural practices will appreciate that they can develop custom, reusable, manufacturer-specific object libraries that comply with their own offices’ design and documentation standards.

“The nodes make it so easy to work in PARAM-O,” said Peter Koncz, BIM Manager at Leroy Street Studio in New York. “Because we carefully design every project down to the smallest detail, we need to build a lot of custom components. Creating reusable parametric objects without writing code has made this process quick and easy for us.”

PARAM-O is available in Archicad 24 Update 3. Other improvements in this update focus on what Graphisoft describes as an ‘enhanced integrated design workflow’. This uses a predefined or customised Excel database file to automatically map manufactured profiles to SAF Cross Sections at export instead of mapping by hand. The same database file can be used at import, export, or both.

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