Five reasons to choose ArchiCAD


Flexible Licensing

Are you paying more but using your BIM software less due to bottlenecks and constraints? Manage your finances and your software with our flexible terms and conditions by choosing the license that works best for your practice.  Monthly or annual terms make Subscription Licenses a low-cost way of getting started with Archicad, the leading BIM software solution for architecture.  Or get uncompromised access to Archicad with a Perpetual License that costs less over time as you own the software forever.

Built by Architects

Designed by architects for architects, Archicad addresses the architect’s desire for great design without compromising on practical needs. Archicad revolutionized architectural design when it was launched in 1984. GRAPHISOFT’s Virtual Building concept is recognized by many industry professionals as the first implementation of BIM and the first commercial BIM product for personal computers. Today, Archicad is used by hundreds of thousands of architects worldwide in 108 countries and 27 languages.


Integrated Design

Build higher-quality buildings thanks to the transparency provided by the shared model and team-oriented workflows. Uniting architects and engineers in a shared BIMcloud environment, Integrated Design is a disruptive BIM workflow that aligns project teams to deliver better buildings. Seamless workflows and the transparency of a shared model builds trust among team members and eliminates model duplication and redundant work between architects and structural engineers.

Open Collaboration

Does your BIM software fall short when it comes to interoperability between software platforms? Build and operate better buildings thanks to seamless collaboration, transparency, quality assurance, and accessible data. OPEN BIM is a vendor-neutral, modern approach to collaboration that welcomes all software vendors, AEC practices (designers, engineers, and builders) and built asset owners. OPEN BIM extends the benefits of BIM by improving the accessibility, usability, management, and sustainability of digital data in the AEC industry. Sharable project information supports seamless collaboration for all project participants.


A Cloud You Can Trust

Are you worried about the security and performance of your BIM software’s cloud platform? GRAPHISOFT’s BIMcloud guarantees fast, efficient, and secure access to shared projects in real-time, regardless of the size of the project, the location of the offices, or the speed of the Internet connection. BIMcloud keeps your data safe with multi-level backups and a preemptive monitoring and warning system. Available in both private and public cloud configurations on standard hardware means even smaller offices can take advantage of fast, efficient and secure access to shared projects in real time — and security is guaranteed even when collaborating over the Internet.


VILANDCO is a distributor, technical support and training for GRAPHISOFT’s software in Vietnam.