BIM manager

The BIM Manager Training Program provides professional BIM Manager skills highlighting the typical challenges and tasks involved with this role, a new career for the person responsible for setting model building guidelines and policy, supporting project teams and coordinating with other office experts (documentation, specifications, QA, etc.). The participants will learn the definition of BIM Manager, the industry and trends, the BIM implementation strategy with software training in both installation, application and management.


Course objectives

  • Have an understanding of all the current BIM standards, including ISO 19650
  • Be able to implement BIM in your practice using a structured approach
  • Be confident in analysing an EIR (Employer’s/Exchange Information Requirements) and compiling a BEP (BIM Execution Plan)
  • Learn how to develop and manage different areas of your Archicad template, such as its structure, data, naming conventions and QA mechanisms
  • Learn how to set up and manage different areas of a live project in Archicad, including hotlinking, attribute management and documentation creation
  • Learn how to approach specific modelling challenges in Archicad, such as split-level buildings, revisions and multiple renovation phases
  • Learn how to audit projects, to ensure model and data consistency, using both Archicad and Solibri
  • Be confident in setting up the IFC translators to achieve the best results when exporting or importing IFC files in order to collaborate efficiently with external consultants who use different software
  • Learn how to approach coordination with other consultants using IFC models and managing issues through BCF

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