Big Deal when Order License Archicad

Super Big Deal !!!!

Graphisoftvn sincerely thanks customers for accompanying us for more than 3 quarters of 2023. To express our gratitude to our customers, we would like to respectfully send to all our customers the year-end SUPER SALE program with promotions 25% for LICENSE ARCHICAD orders.

Our commitment:

✅Free 01 Forward – 1 year, ARCHICAD software license upgrade
✅Companion support during software use
✅Guide Customers to create libraries in ARCHICAD
✅Basic + Advanced usage training
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    Products (or services) of interest:

    Archicad License

    Commercial License

    Archicad Commercial Single License
    • With a Full license you can use the fully functional GRAPHISOFT product with unlimited usage
    • You will be able to run older versions as well. (with some technical limitations for more details see: Protection Key)
    Archicad Solo License ( * Exclusively distributed by VILANDCO )
    • Solo version has the exact same functionality as the Full version except it doesn’t include TeamWork, Cinema 4D rendering engine and Hotlink/X-ref capabilities.
    • User can choose one of two type:

    Archicad Solo Commerical License: No time limit.

    Archicad Solo Rental License: Use the software during the purchase period. The usage period will start from the first time you activate the account.

    Comparison between Archicad Commercial Single License and Archicad Solo License

    Archicad Commercial Single License

    The full version has the following features:

    • Modelling
    • Visualisation and 3D Exploration
    • Energy Valuation
    • Documentation
    • Library
    • Workflow and Project Management
    • Communication and Interoperability
    • Teamwork and BIM Server
    • Performance
    • Licencing

    Archicad Solo License

    Archicad Solo License has all the basic features of a BIM -Archicad software. However, in this version there are some limited features compared to the Archicad Commercial Single License version as follows:

    • Limitations on teamwork features: Do not allow access to common teamwork environments (eg: BIMcloud )
    • Hotlink IFC feature is not supported
    • License sharing in groups is not allowed
    • CineRender is not supported (Cinema 4D rendering engine
    • PMK file format not supported
    • Allows opening projects created with the Archicad commercial License version but cannot be edited or updated


    Archicad Trial License

    A Trial License can be used to run a fully functional version for 30 days. The license works with a serial number that can be obtained with a simple registration.

    • Registration: A serial number can be obtained by registering at
    • File Format and Compatibility: Files written by the trial version are encrypted and can only be opened on the computer where they were created. After the 30 days period the save function is disabled, but it is still possible to print. The files can be converted to full files by purchasing a commercial license and opening with the protection key on the computer they were written.

    As Trial files can only be opened on the same machine where they were saved TeamWork functionality is available – but limited..

    Archicad Education License

    Towards the goal of Supporting Sustainability Training. GRAPHISOFT provides a software license package for education, aimed at students – students, teachers and schools for free!

    Education version is a fully functional version that can be installed with a serial number.

    A Education License can be used to run a fully functional version for  1year and can be renewed for students or important research.

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