Present your 3D model as an image by producing non-photorealistic renderings with Sketch Render— best suited for early project phases.

White Render is perfect for communicating design intent and other aspects of the building typically discussed in the early phases for quick client feedback and coordination.

Boost the look of your renderings quickly and easily with MAXON’s CineRender, built right in to Archicad.


BIMx is the most popular presentation and coordination app for all project stakeholders. The ‘BIM Hyper-model’-like navigation tool that helps anyone explore the building model and understand project deliverables.

Seamless integration with Twinmotion
Create high-end visualizations and compelling client presentations while working on your BIM project with the Archicad-Twinmotion direct link. Easy to produce high-quality images, panoramas, and standard or 360° VR videos in seconds.

More good news: Archicad customers with active SSA (maintenance contract) or subscription license can download Twinmotion 2020 free of charge through December 31, 2021.