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Switching to Archicad

Daniel Fernandes of Fernandes / Arquitetos Associados in Brazil, explains how their firm made the switch from Revit to Archicad.

We migrated to Archicad from Revit and discovered the advantages related to saving time and resources, letting the architects focus on quality. We liked it so much during the testing phase that we uninstalled Revit from all the computers and decided to go with Archicad 100% on all our projects.

Daniel Fernandes, Fernandes / Arquitetos Associados

It’s time to take a closer look at Archicad, the AEC industry’s leading Building Information Modeling software solution for architecture. Switch to Archicad to:

  • Work in teams regardless of platforms and software
  • Cover the entire design workflow from early concept design to facility management
  • Coordinate your project with anyone using industry-standard file formats, such as IFC, BCF, DWG, PDF, DGN, SKP, RVT, RFA and more

We offer full implementation support, consultation and know-how to make your journey to a better BIM experience smooth and easy.

Switching from 2D CAD to 3D BIM

The Power of Technology Integration – AIDEA’s Abelardo Tolentino talks about how his firm achieved unprecedented productivity gains with BIM.

Two years after implementing BIM there were significant savings — at least 40% in manpower. And, we were spending 60% more time on design, and 40% less time on documentation.

Abelardo Tolentino, AIDEA

Switch from 2D CAD to 3D BIM to:

  • Increase design and documentation efficiency up to 60%
  • Manage design changes faster and easier with fewer errors
  • Make informed design decisions and build better buildings
  • Work in teams of any size and share your designs with anyone — regardless of the software they’re using
  • Fully comply with the latest international and local BIM standards

We offer a free, 30-day fully functional trial license, online training and videos to help you through the transition process. And our sales partners are ready to guide you every step of the way.

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Switching from 3D Modeling to full BIM

William Cheung, Director of Hong Kong-based LWK & Partners, talks about their firm’s transition to BIM and Archicad.

After we switched to Archicad, we found that it’s quite easy to use, not just for architects, but for our other staff as well.

William Cheung, LWK & Partners

Switch from your 3D modeler to a BIM solution to:

  • Design a building using real components, such as walls, slabs, columns and more
  • Automatically generate construction documentation
  • Calculate accurate quantity take-offs, schedules, room inventories and more at any phase of your design
  • Automatically check your model for collisions and energy efficiency
  • Share and edit your models with teams of any size or location
  • Produce high-quality visualizations to win client and other stakeholder buy-in